Haldia Institute of Management Astronomy Club also known as Aryabhatta Asatronomy Club launches its first observatory centre with its Reflector Telescope with 130mm aperture and 650mm Focal Length with magnification of 33x and 65x.  It is the first management institute in Haldia to launch an observatory for the astronomy enthusiast. The telescope was inaugurated by Dr. Lakshman Chandra Seth, Chairman Indian Centre for Advancement of Research & Education (ICARE). The occasion was also graced by Mr.Asish Lahiri ,Secretary ICARE, Advocate Sudipton Seth, Vice Chairman ICARE , Mrs.Sparshita Ponda Seth ,Chairperson ICARE cultural committee , Dr. Soumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay, Director Haldia Institute of Management & Dr.B.Abdul Rafeeq, Principal Tamalika Ponda Seth Academy of Higher Studies, Bangalore. Faculty and staff members of Haldia Institute of Management were also present in the occasion. 

Dr, Soumendra Nath Bandyopadhyay, Director Haldia Institute of Management, stated that "This is just the foundational step for the club, we have to go a long way so that young students from schools and colleges are interested in the field of astronomy. He stated that though we are a management institute but that does not mean we need to stick to our own domain only, the enthusiasm for astronomy is huge among our students and faculty member. To encourage the interest this club was formulated. The club is encouraging students from school and colleges specially from rural belt to get interest on astronomy and science. The club conducts several webinars on astronomy and related fields. This observatory will help young students to come and explore the skies with their own eyes. The observatory will be open from Monday to Friday and will encourage young students to use the facility. He also stated that the faculty members of the institute are encouraged to do research in the field and develop a own journal of the club in the coming days.  I believe that there is no limit to the knowledge that we can gain in our lifetime, so encouraging youth to gather knowledge from their childhood will make them more inquisitive, creative, knowledgeable and stand out in society." compress image


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Aryabhatta Astronomy Club is established by Haldia Institute Of Management. The main ideology of the Club is to reach Urban and Specially Rural Bengal with the Knowledge of Astrology. We try our level best to help kids in schools and colleges learn more about recent developments in the field of Astronomy. We conducted Webinars and other classes to spread knowledge of Astronomy. We arrange several activities throughout the year to keep students focus on this area.


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