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Member Reports from Azhy Hasan

Nov 12

The First Touch Encounter Between Mercury and Sun in Sky of Erbil

A wonderful moment, is here, in this simple shot with a great meanings Read More...

Nov 12

Hello Tiny Small Dot!

After long time of waiting and preparations, we as (Kurdistan Astronomical Organization) leaved center of Erbil city and climbed up to the top of mount Kosar, nearby 70 km east of Erbil, and about 935 meters above the sea level, right in front of Koya city. At first time we found a very nice location inside (Kosar Resort), but unfortunately, wind was blowing strongly at that location, then we decided to change it and finally we found a quite location behind a hill and away from active winds. Although we made an alternative piece of solar filter, but unfortunately it... Read More...

Oct 06

Retrun To AWB through InOMN 2019

Very long time spent after our last activity in AWB as (Amaterur Astronomers Association of Kurdistan - AAAK) thats due to a very bad security and military circumastances in our region and Iraq after the black occupation of ISIS. Thank to Allah, now every thing is better and here we are return to AWB Community with a new organization named (Kurdistan Astronomical Organization - KAO) just like old days of our early beginning sa (AAAK). InOMN 2019 was our return celebration after we made it last evening, Saturday 5, 2019 in (Minara Park) of (Erbil city) in Iraqi Kurdistan Region,... Read More...