Mehbang Astronomers Society

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Mehbang astronomers society (MAS) is one of the most active scientific groups among other Iran amateur astronomy groups. It was established in 2005, in Sistan & Balouchestan province. Since that time, this society has ceaselessly continued its astronomical activities.
The central purpose of MAS has been promoting the forgotten knowledge of astronomy among the general public especially the youth.
Members of MAS are mostly teenagers and young people of Zahedan city, who are interested in the beautiful nature of night sky.
During the IYA many local and International projects was conducts successfully by MAS members, like: International project of "100 hours of astronomy", International project of Galilean nights, International project of Beauty without borders and etc.
MAS managed some of the activities which are regularly like: The International day of Astronomy, The national festival of sundials, Conducting public observations and etc.


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