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The Louis Cruls Astronomy Clube was established in May 26 1996. In these twelve years of activities we organized many events of Astronomy and Astronautics popularization. We have with the partnership of the CEFET/Campos ( two observatories in Campos dos Goytacazes, a city of Rio de Janeiro State, Brasil. We have a blog ( with informations about the activities we are organizing and images, of the observatories and the public activities we organized. We would like to chage experience we others astronomy clubs and develop projects with the partnership of others astronomy clubs. We have a weekly space in a regional newspaper and a weekly TV Program about Astronomy and Astronautics in a cable regional network. The Tv program this year will commemorate five years. The name of the program is "Um Passeio pelo Céu" ("A walk in the sky", direct translation). We already have videos in internet in the following addresses: We now are finishing our first Digital Planetarium with a Inflatable Dome. We have many dreams...


Location:Campos dos Goytacazes, 28.010-400
Phone:55 22 2733-3244

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