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Astronomy and Astrophysics Society of Shiraz University (AASSU) which was established in 2001 is a student organization where all astronomical activities of undergraduate students are held. It consists of seven head students central community and has more than 400 enthusiast members from students.

Current central members (2008-2009) are under the supervising of professor, Nematolah Riazi

Below is a list of activities of this society

Part 1: research projects
Digital comprehensive controlling system of telescope which make it possible to control telescope, dome and other instruments of the observatory robotically and through network.
By: AliReza MolaieNezhad
Mohammad Mehdi Lamee
• calculating the seeing factor project by using DIMM method
By: AliReza MolaieNezhad
Sara Khalafinezhad
Photometry of eclipsing binary stars by photomultiplier
For instance photometry of ER Orion
By: Mohammad Mehdi Lamee
Behnam Javanmardi
• Astrophotography project. A project of taking picture of every possible sky object by just a DSLR camera EOS Canon 30D))
By: Sara Khalafinejad

Part 2: Holding educational and cultural programs:
• Astronomical expeditions for public outside the urban area
• Workshops with different subjects
• Weekly seminars on different fields of astronomy

Part 3: publishing scientific magazine on astronomy and astrophysics name "Giti"

Part 4: Holding introductory programs to astronomy at Birouni observatory for public

And so many project that will doing in future.


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