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BARC is an Educational institution having registration certificate No. F-8550 under Bombay public trust Act Mah/918/04 A.Nagar dated 14/10/04 under society Reg. Act .We work under these statutory registration nos and are voluntary organization non political and non commercial MISSION OF BARC To improve and /or raise the educational standard of students in Ahmednagar district with a view to have economical, social and cultural development of Ahmednagar , a small contribution towards " Developed INDIA -2020 " , THE DREAME OF OUR BELOVED HONOURABLE PRESIDENT DR. A.P.J.KALAM. WHOM DO WE WORK FOR 1. Urban and rural men,women,youth and children 2. School and college teachers WHAT WE ARE DOING Since January 2004 , we are popularizing Astronomy among Urban and rural men,women,youth and children to develop their scientific aproach, encouraging students to consider Science as a possible career choice.



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