einsteinsmindlesotho EML 2007/103

About Us

As an organization, Einsteinsmindlesotho (EML) is a non-profit making organization REG. NO. 2007/103. EML is an organization in which undergraduates and graduates as well as professionals in the field of Science and Technology have joined hands to help in the performance of Scientific subjects in the COSC curriculum as to increase chances of students enrolling at tertiary level of education as well as helping many others who fail to enroll in other courses that are Mathematical dependent like B.com, Economics and many others. EML is making this job on a countrywide scale not helping certain individuals and leaving others. It plans to touch the whole nation at once and again the service should be of high quality as far as possible. The EML activities include Astronomy, as a weapon to assist in the science and technology outreach.


Phone:+266 5840 6478

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