Youth and Science Association of Tunisia (AJST)

About Us

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The Youth and Science Association of Tunisia (AJST) , is a Tunisian association had set targets for the popularization of science , the dissemination of scientific culture among young people and the organization of various scientific camps.

It was originally Youth and Science Mouvement of Tunisia that started in 1959, the idea of a group of intellectuals who notes the lack of scientific and technological activities in associations and structured organizations, like sports, culture and literature.

Thus this group , wanting to fill this gap creates a science club open to youth filled with scientific equipments to allow them to unlock the secrets of science and develop their knowledge in handling their own devices, the tools and components.

  • Objectives :
    Encouragement of young people to engage in scientific and technological activities in their pastime.
    Give them a taste of scientific research, development and technological invention and arouse in them vocations in these areas.
    Popularize scientific and technological culture among the general public.


Location:69 Rue Alain Savary, Cité El Khadhra, Tunis 1003
Phone:+216 71 772 816 / +216 71 772 580

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