This free program provides:

  • Educational resources that address Next Generation Science Standards and build toward 3-dimensional instruction;
  • A network of education and astronomy experts for discussion and ongoing support with activities and results;
  • A virtual culminating interactive event showcasing student experiences with similar groups across the country;
  • Educational tools to assist students in investigating the Sun, including solar viewing glasses and spectroscopes;
  • Support for personalized peer-to-peer fundraising to cover group materials costs, if needed.

What Isn't free

  • Everything above is free thanks to Google! But some optional materials are not covered.
  • Eclipse glasses and spectroscopes optionally used in this program will cost approximately $6 per student, including shipping.
  • If your school, institution, or group can't afford these materials then you can use our free peer-to-peer fundraising platform, template, tips, and resources to raise funds from your community.
  • We'll also be raising funds from the AWB community and the public to try and support groups that can't raise the funds themselves.

Help us by:

    • Completing program evaluation forms so we can improve the experience for everyone;
    • Communicate and share with us! We're here to help and we want to hear from you. Tell us how to make the program work better for you, and the stories of your successes!

    We suggest that you:

    • If you don't have one already, Find a classroom or group you can work with over a few sessions. After-school program, family workshop, summer camp, scout meetings, or whatever works for you;
    • Involve administrators, organizational leaders, parents, kids, and partners. They can be inspiration and your biggest supporters;
    • Register your school, group or program below;
    • Register if you're an amateur or professional astronomer or educator who wants to be matched to a school or group;
    • Join Trellis when you receive the invitation. It's our online community group of educators and astronomers with discussions, activities, tips, and information about live and recorded professional development opportunities;
    • If you need help purchasing materials, Read the materials available on Trellis and determine your fundraising goal;
    • Plan the experience for your audience with the resources collected and created for this program;
    • Plan for the culminating virtual event. Information will be available through Trellis.
    • Have fun while exploring the Sun!

    Ready to start?

    Survey form NOTE: Partially completed registration forms cannot be saved to return to it later. We strongly recommend that you download and print this PDF of the registration form and gather all the information you will need before beginning registration.

    All set? Register now!



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