Public Starparty - Global Star Party

16 April 2016
Johannes Stübler
Public viewing during international Global-Starparty-Night. Members of Linzer Astronmical Society are providing...

Science Class 'Meteorology'

16 April 2016
Event about describing what is meteorology and to know much about our...

Star gazing party with Star-bread Bakery at Negishi Forest Park

16 April 2016
Katsushi Taguchi
Would you like to see this year's last view of winter constellations?...

Star Light-Star Bright Observatory Public Viewing Night

16 April 2016
Norm Black
Weather permitting, the observatory will be celebrate the global star party by...

Star Party Jamnagar

16 April 2016
Dhiren Meshvaniya
Public program to show constellations, Zodia signs, how to find directions from...

Sun Sidewalk Astronomy

16 April 2016
Observation of the sunspot

Telescopes On The Bend

16 April 2016
Jeff Setzer
A very casual sidewalk astronomy event presented by local resident Jeff Setzer...