Star Party 2019, Kandy Sri Lanka

B.G. Eranga Thilina Jayashantha
15 February 2019 to 16 February 2019
Time: 1530 until 0630

Star Party 2019, kandy , Sri Lanka

Largest all island astronomical observation competition and workshop for high school students in Sri Lanka.

Annually organized since 2004 by Anandian Astronomical Association and Astronomy Society of Mahamaya Girls's college kandy under the supervision of star party academic committee. In this year It is organized for 15th consecutive year. Last year participation 83 teams comprising 5 members for competition and more than 300 participants for the workshop and about 75 participants for Astrophotography competition with total 1000 participants from all regions of Sri Lanka

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About Star Party

The year 2004 was marked as a golden year in field of astronomy in south Asian subcontinent. Why? Because South Asia's first ever astronomical observation competition "Star Party" initiated in that year. And it was marked as the best astronomical competition in south Asia.
Star Party is an all island inter-school astronomical night sky observation competition and students of more than 100 schools participate for this event every year. This Competition directly tests the practical and observation ability in astronomy and the Star Party Workshop is organized to improve the astronomical knowledge of students in other schools. We introduced undoubtedly innovative trends for the south Asian astronomical field such as Astrophotography. We included these competitions in the Star Party as well.
We know that everyone of you is eager to participate for Star party. But this time you will have to apply for Star Party'19 through this form. Please be kind enough to note that this is compulsory for participation. The Academic committee of StarParty'19 will select the students from the applicants. The chosen schools will receive the invitations to Star Party'19 through post. You will receive an invitation only if you are selected for this glamorous event.

Observation Competition

The most imperative aspect of Star Party is the Sky Observatory Competition. The competition will be held under 6 sections namely:
1) Best in Moon Mapping
2) Best in Planetary Observation
3) Best in Deep Sky Observation and Constellation Mapping
4) Best in Observational astronomy (Theory)
5) Best in Celestial Measurements
6) Best in Spot test and Viva round
Each team will have to compete under every section and the team who gets the best observation results will be given a valuable trophy for the respective section. Out of these results, the team which manages to accumulate the highest number of scores from all the six categories will be crowned as the Champions of "Star Party 2019". Star Party 2019 will be maneuvered and judged by internationally acclaimed judges, which provides an amazing exposure and experience to all the competitors.

Each team should consist of maximum of 5 members.
We will be giving priority to A teams before we consider B teams.
This time in Star Party’19 for the first time we are giving you a chance to prove you are the next generation of inventors. So we have included a small project. Your team has to build an astronomy related object from the following and take a photograph with all the members of your quiz team and upload it in our application form.
1) Sundial
2) Star Clock
3) Satellite Prototype
4) Rocket Prototype
In this year, organizing committee has decided to limit the number of teams participate for the competition. There will be a selection process to select 35 teams (maximum) among the applications. Therefore, your applications will be evaluated by the Academic Committee of Star Party 2019. Required questions in the application form and above prototype will be used to evaluate your skills and motivation at the selection criteria of 35 teams those which are invited to compete at Star Party 2019 competition. Therefore, there will not be an on-site registration desk at the event. Applicants should fill the application form and submit the online registration form before the deadline January 27st. When the selection process is concluded, Selected teams will be informed by the organizing committee. In any matter, only selected teams are allowed to participate for the competition.


Star Party workshop is one of the pioneering astronomy workshops in Sri Lanka. From the beginning to this time, this have been the place of improvement for the amateur astronomers. We are giving this great opportunity to students from grade 8 to 10 this time too.
Astronomical workshop selection criteria is as follows.
 Maximum of 80 students can participate for the workshop of Star Party'19.
 We will select among the applicants according to a school team basis.
 Maximum 5 students per team from a school are allowed to participate in this event.
 Priority will be given to the schools, who are not selected to the main competition.
Our aim of the workshop is, Promotion of Astronomy among school, who are well interested in the subject, yet having poor experience in practical astronomy to make successful astronomers for our future!
Main areas of the syllabus include,
 Basics of general astronomy
 Observation astronomy
o Introduction
o Moon observation and mapping
o Jupiter, Saturn, Mars observation and mapping
o Constellation mapping
o Observation of deep sky objects and mapping
o Making observation reports
o Sky map
o Basics of celestial sphere
 Telescopes
o Introduction
o Optics of a telescope
o Telescope assembling
o Telescope mounting to sky object
 Introduction to cosmology and astrophysics
 Astrobiology
 Astrophotography and practical using
 Rocketry
o Introduction
o Basic Theory and mechanics with Newton's laws
o Water rocket - introduction & group activity
 Puzzle
 Final Examination
This will be conducted by the Old Anandian Astronomical Association in collaboration with Star Party Group. Valuable tutor guides and handbooks will be distributed to all the participants on this venture. At the conclusion of the workshop the participants will be tested with a theory paper and a practical test where the team which scores the highest will be awarded the "Uprising Team of Star Party 2019".

Astrophotography competition

Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography for recording photos of astronomical objects, celestial events, and areas of the night sky. The first photograph of an astronomical object (the Moon) was taken in 1840, but it was not until the late19th century that advances in technology allowed for detailed stellar photography. Besides being able to record the details of extended objects such as the Moon, Sun, and planets, astrophotography has the ability to image objects invisible to the human eye such as dim stars, nebulae, and galaxies.
These types of astrophotography competitions are undoubtedly the most innovative things for the South Asia since 2014. In that year we envisaged to launch this programme concurrent with the Star Party. And we have silent pride about introducing this trend to our sub-continent. However currently we can see this type of competitions in every night Astronomy quiz competition.
Astrophotography competitors must provide us a small description about their technical information on Mounts, Camera/CCD, Telescopes/Lenses and other Gear information.
If you are using advanced techniques such as auto guiders or CCD camera you are allowed to use a laptop, but no external power will be provided.

Star Party 2019 Academic Committee

Because the monsoon makes observing events like this impossible during GAM in Sri Lanka, this established, important, national event has been given special approval for listing as a pre-GAM event by the GAM Organizing Committee.

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Eranga Thilina Jayashantha

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