"The Road to Astronomy" ("තරු විදු ලොවට පිවිසුම") - Practical Astronomy Camp & Workshop

B.G. Eranga Thilina Jayashantha
16 March 2019 to 17 March 2019
Time: 1800 until 0700

Astronomical Research Institute of Sri Lanka, collaborating with Star Party Group , Sri Lanka organizes a Practical Astronomy Night camp and Workshop at leading school in Noth-Central Province of Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura - a Historical and a sacred city of Sri Lanka with potential dark sky preservable area). The city us located far away from the capital of Sri Lanka. The school is a prestigious school which have so many talented students and  this event will helpful to improve Astronomical knowledge and Practical skills of these students.

It will be a 12-hour Practical Astronomy camp and a workshop. The programme will include;

  • few introductory lectures on History of Astronomy, Solar System, Where we are located in the Universe, Birth of a star, Telescopes, Light pollution and how can we avoid it (for IAU dark skies project)
  • Observation sessions including Planetary observation, Moon observation, Deep sky observation using telescopes and Constellation mapping session.
  • Group activities including  Astro-Puzzle and Rocketry group activity (making a water rocket and launch it)
  • Evaluation of group performances using a quiz paper and performances of group activity. 
  • Based on the marks, students will be awarded a certificate by grouping as "Passed with Distention",  "Passed with Merit", "Ordinary Pass" and "Participation certificate"

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Eranga Thilina Jayashantha

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Niwanthaka Chethiya maha Vidyalaya,