Gulf Coast Science Festival

Dr. J. Wayne Wooten
29 March 2019 to 30 March 2019
Time: 10 AM until 2 PM

Solar telescopes will be set up for observation and smartphone photography of activity.  Meteorites will be on display, and star charts handed out.  Families will have a chance to build a 20X 32mm spyglass in our optics workshop with Pensacola Mess Hall Science Center.  They can buy the finished scope for $15, or donate them to the Astronomers Without Borders STEM spyglasses for Ciencia Puerto Rico.  Donars will get a certificate thanking them for their support of STEM education in the elementary schools of Puerto Rico.  Solar filtered 8x21 monoculars will also be available for participants for $5.

Contact Details:

Dr. John Wayne Wooten


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Seville Square
311 E Government Street
Pensacola, FL 32502