Astro KioSK

20 April 2019
Astronomy Stalls will be displayed where students work will be shown to...

AstroNight : GAM2019 - Lunar Exploration

20 April 2019
HAFILI Mohamed Ali - Ali Astro
The 10th edition of Global Astronomy Month, the AstroNight event will be...

Coconut Grove-Picnic Island Star Party

20 April 2019
James Keith Sowell
The Star Party will be held on Picnic Island "C" near Dinner...

Community Engagement

20 April 2019
Students will conduct safe solar observation in their society and will educate...

Earth Day Optics Workshop

20 April 2019
Dr. J. Wayne Wooten
As a part of the 2019 Earth Day celebration in Seville Square,...

Malabar Star Party 2019

20 April 2019 to 21 April 2019
Jayant Ganguly
This is a full night astronomical extravaganza consisting of mid night planetarium...


20 April 2019
Mohammad Fitri Afiq Bin Azman
MUTAJ's Night is an event that is going to be held at...