Event Reports

Jan 25

M46/M47 in Binoculars

Stargazing with binoculars is a speedy way to see celestial objects in awesome detail. project nightflight has developed an astrophotography and image processing technique to show some deep-sky objects as... Read More...

Dec 27

The Star of New Year's Eve

Fireworks and celebrations, that's what many people associate with the coming of the New Year. But as the countdown is peaking and expectations are running high, there is yet another... Read More...

Dec 05

Perseus Double Cluster in Binoculars

It's that season again. And with the long and chilly winter nights awesome binocular objects start populating the northern hemisphere night skies. One of the most beautiful is unquestionably the... Read More...

Sep 20

Brand New Star Walk Website

The Grossmugl Star Walk is an astronomical edutainment trail near a small village in Austria, Europe. The "Sternenweg Grossmugl", as it is called in Austria, is a self-guided tour encouraging... Read More...

Sep 13

Calima Sunset

Some sunsets on the Canary Islands are eerily subdued. They look as if the sun were hiding behind a thin veil of gauze. This situation is known by the designation... Read More...

Aug 16

Stargazing Sites on La Palma Island

Stargazing on La Palma Island is one of the finest astronomical experiences possible. The small volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean is part of the European country Spain, has a... Read More...

Jul 18

Summer Milky Way

Now is the time to go out at night and see the splendid Summer Milky Way. These days it stretches across the whole sky already by the end of the... Read More...

Apr 23

Austrian Science Night 2016

Every year, more than 100.000 visitors participate in Austria's annual Science Night. During this special night, thousands of scientists present their work to the public at more than 250 locations... Read More...

Apr 08

360 Degree Full-Sphere Astrophotos

Recently a new camera hit the market that will set off a small revolution in astronomy and astrophotography. It is an innovative panorama camera that records a 360 degree full-sphere... Read More...

Apr 07

360 Degree Full-Sphere Astrophotos

Recently a new camera hit the market that will set off a small revolution in astronomy and astrophotography. The Ricoh Theta S is an innovative panorama camera that records a... Read More...

Mar 21

Planetary Filters for Small Telescopes

Color filters are of great help when observing the planets with a telescope. They help discern small and low-contrast features on the planetary discs. But there are so many color... Read More...

Jan 24

Sirius Rising Above Grossmugl Star Walk

For the remaining weeks of winter Sirius dominates the evening sky. Being the brightest of all stars in our night sky, it rises around nightfall this time of the year.... Read More...

Jan 10

Hidden Hydrogen Marvel Sh2-27

Near the head of the constellation Scorpius glows an immense red gas bubble like a celestial ghost. It has a diameter of 10 degrees, which corresponds to the size of... Read More...

Dec 24

Position Angle Scales for Telescopes

Got a telescope for Christmas? Here's a gadget you can easily make yourself that greatly improves the usefulness of your new instrument: A position angle scale that shows you the... Read More...

Nov 30

Untracked DSLR Astrophotography

For astrophotography with a DSLR it is common practice to set the camera on top of an equatorial mount or other tracking device. This way, Earth's rotation gets compensated and... Read More...

Nov 15

Presentation at Natural History Museum Vienna

project nightflight had been invited by the Natural History Museum Vienna to give a presentation about their work on the evening of November 11, 2015. For this occasion, the members... Read More...

Oct 06

Star Walk Installation

In 2014, project nightflight opened the first permanent star walk installation worldwide in Austria, Europe. The Grossmugl Star Walk is a self-guided tour encouraging astronomical observations with the unaided eye.... Read More...

Aug 11

Sounds of the Night

With Sounds of the Night we present a new category of astro images: nightscapes accompanied by natural sounds of the night, recorded during the imaging session. The sound of ocean... Read More...