Glowing night-sky streamers were recorded by Canadian amateur aurora photographers for years until scientists learned of them. But STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) may be a distinct ionospheric phenomenon, not a new kind of aurora. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Three kinds of rain to stretch a brain: On Saturn's moon Titan, methane droplets (very cold) fall; on Venus, sulfuric acid rain drizzles & on the Sun coronal rain (extremely hot) occurs as hot plasma in the outer atmosphere cools, condenses & drops. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

A recurrent nova (exploding star) in the Andromeda galaxy explodes about once per year. The eruptions occur on a planet-sized white dwarf 30% more massive than the Sun & have formed a nebula called a super-remnant that is about 440 light-years wide. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

The North Star (Polaris) is a triple star, with two small companions. All three are bigger & brighter than the Sun. Polaris itself has been fading over the past 100 years & perhaps much longer. Northern Hemisphere viewers can see it in the Little Dipper. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

In 2017 gravitational wave observatories detected a violent merger of two neutron stars that created & spewed out several Earth masses of gold. The facilities, in USA & Italy, are resuming work after downtime for improvements. What will they find next? #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact