Anyone speak Sith? The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is ongoing with radio telescopes & more. But if intelligent beings are found what should we tell them & how? Specialists in the young field of alien linguistics are studying the problem. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

A weighty matter! The latest estimate of our galaxy's mass is here. The Milky Way has 1.5 trillion times the mass of the Sun. Note that the Sun has 333,000 times the Earth's mass & the Earth mass is 5.97 x 10^24 kg (1.32 x 10^25 pounds), give or take. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Eighteen months after the Apollo 11 moon landing, Apollo 14 arrived. Alan Shepard & Ed Mitchell brought 94 lb of rock back. But a small chip was going home. Geologists think it's an Earth rock, knocked from Earth to the Moon by an ancient asteroid hit. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Watch your compass needle! The North Magnetic Pole is moving from Canada towards Siberia, crossing the International Date Line last year. At the NMP the magnetic field points straight down. Molten iron flows in Earth's inner core cause the polar drift. #GAM2019 RandomAstroFact

Astronomers find 85% of all matter in space is present as “dark matter.” Searches for these unknown particles in labs & on the Space Station are inconclusive. Now physicists will look for dark matter particle tracks in minerals from deep in the Earth. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact