Antlia 2, an “enormous galactic dwarf satellite,” is a new-found Milky Way companion. Its stars are too sparse to look like a galaxy in photos; they had to be measured. Antlia 2 is big as the Large Magellanic Cloud (pictured) but fainter & less massive. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

The Orion Nebula is visible by eye although about 1,300 light-years away. A telescope measuring submillimeter (between infrared & radio) waves caught a stellar flare blasting from a new star in the nebula 10 billion times stronger than one from the Sun. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Fifty years after Apollo 11, a Chinese robotic mission is operating on the lunar farside, which never faces Earth. Lander spacecraft Chang'e 4 communicates with ground control via lunar relay satellite. Six-wheeled rover Yutu 2 explores the area nearby. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Most pictures of the Apollo 11 astronauts on the Moon show Buzz Aldrin. That's because Neil Armstrong mostly held onto the camera. Armstrong's & Aldrin's footprints can still be seen undisturbed at Tranquility Base where their lunar module Eagle landed. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact

Apollo 11's Tranquility Base included an aluminum foil sheet mounted on a pole. As solar wind streamed from the Sun , striking the Moon, wind particles embedded themselves in the foil; lab scientists studied it on Earth, identifying elements & isotopes. #GAM2019 #RandomAstroFact