On April 19th Balbriggan Library hosted Deirdre Kelleghans talk on Our Moon, Moon Stories and Moon News as part of Global Astronomy Month 2010.

The mostly family audience were very engaged in the presentation and they learned a lot about our natural satellite. Afterwards Deirdre treated the audience to excellent views of the young moon from the courtyard beside the library.

On April 22nd again as part of Global Astronomy Month Swords library hosted Deirdre’s Moon talk which was attended by families from the area. The sky was clear after the presentation so the audience, the librarians and several staff from JJ’s Supermarket beside the library had wonderful views of our moon through Deirdre’s telescope.

A little moon viewing after a spot of shopping for a JJ's customer

Darwin gets a little time off from his job at JJ's and has a great view of the moon.


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