Ash McFadden


The  Midlands Astronomy Club (MAC) in the heart of Ireland held its 18th annual COSMOS 2010 Star Party on April 9th to 11th. Visitors from around Ireland descended on Tullamore for another  year of fortuitous lectures, exhibits, buy and sell, and plenty of observing both day and night on each of the 3 days. Blessed with clear skies, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, plenty of Iridium Flares and deep sky wonders were the order of each night. The Sun exhibited small prominences for daytime viewing too. 7 well-received speakers contributed to the programme of events, as well as the annual Cosmos Table Quiz for a little fun!

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Seanie Morris MAC



COSMOS booklet

Great attendance


Great speakers


Great observing

Great solar observing 

Great fun

Great location




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