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Remote observing is definitely the latest thing! Today, technology and the Internet enable us to have access to powerful telescopes by clicking a mouse. No cold endurance event, no instrument preparation, no traveling away from light pollution, just sitting comfortably in a warm room and -- through simple technology connected to the Internet -- you can have access to enormous telescopes in dark areas. Pretty amazing!

Some of you may think that this takes away the enthusiasm and excitement of observing in the field or the possibility of learning so many things by using your own telescope and an atlas. We agree. This is why we have prepared for you the kind of observations that are rare to get!

How many times you haven’t dreamed of taking part in a Messier Marathon, for example? Maybe you even did, but it certainly wasn’t easy to find all the objects in one night. For those of you curious to see how a Messier Marathon works, or for you more experienced observers who just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, GAM brings you the Online Messier Marathon on April 5. Stay tuned at the event’s Facebook page and register for the marathon online.

Exploring planets in other solar systems is a difficult task for even the largest telescopes. During GAM, in a remote observing program called “Is There Anybody There?”, you will be able to observe one of the known 450 exoplanets known so far as it passes in front of its sun as the star’s light dims.  You can share the excitement of the event with other enthusiasts on April 7. Facebook friends are welcome to join. Event registration is online.

Asteroid hunting is the third adventure we invite you to take part in, in a challenge where you compete with the other asteroid hunters. As you probably already know, finding an asteroid gives you the incredible opportunity to name it. “Write your name in the sky” is a not-to-miss. The hunt starts on April 15, at 21:30 Universal Time. The Virtual Telescope web site has registration and a page where you can check the competition.

For those curious about local neighborhoods we suggest a journey “Across the Solar System”. You’ll travel with your friends to planets, asteroids and comets. We set off on April 22, so make sure you pack everything by then. Free tickets are available!

However, if you have a secret destination you want to explore through our telescopes, you can register on the observatory web site or on Facebook for personal observations that bring “The Universe to your Command!” Only 5 lucky people from each country will have this chance, so hurry!

This being said, fast connection @all astronomy enthusiasts out there and clear skies @GAM Remote Programs Team!

See you online at the Virtual Telescope.



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