Dear friends, As the blog (link: has also aiming at the dissemination of the sky and the observers, we believe that spreading the events taking place in Belo Horizonte - MG (Brazil), and an opportunity to apredizado also, so completion of the 17th EREA (Regional Meeting of Astronomy Teaching), in Belo Horizonte is a great opportunity to extend our range of knowledge.

This initiative UFMG / PROEX (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - Pro-rector of Extension), CEAMIG (Astronomical Studies Center of Minas Gerais), Faculty of Education, UFMG, Brazilian Astronomical Society and the Museum of Natural Sciences of PUC-Minas was born positive responses from the public and the media to celebrate first held in 2009 with the International Year of Astronomy (IAA), and that reverberates down to our disas as an important legacy to astronomical science in Brazil.

This event at first is the training and exchange of experiences on different topics related to teaching astronomy and aims to: 1 - Establish contact between teachers and professional astronomers and amateurs in our region; 2 - Promote exposure in the format of panel reports and teaching jobs in astronomy and astronautics in schools and communities; 3 - To train teachers in basic education in astronomy and astronautics, including techniques for astronomical observations with the naked eye and with the use of observation instruments such as binoculars, telescopes and telescopes; 4 - Distribute educational materials for teaching astronomy to participating schools, including spectacles - a guide to use - and suggestions for activities in classrooms; 5 - Discuss workshops on teaching methods of astronomy and preparation of teaching materials (models / devices); 6 - Disseminate and encourage the teachers through student participation in the Olympiad of Astronomy and Astronautics; 7 - Creation of incentives to motivate teachers and students in a constant search for knowledge and knowledge construction.

We'll see you in EREA!
- Antônio and Breno Campos


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