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Hailing from a tiny pixel of Earth in Scotland, I have now lived in Fernie, BC, Canada for the past 8 years. I have been a fibre and textile nerd since she was a child, and only mildly obsessed with felting for the past 15 or so years. I owe so much of my knowledge to some very inspiring and encouraging members of the Fernie Spinners and Weavers Guild. “We Are Planetary” is my first terrifying solo exhibition.

As an amateur astronomer, and having a very non-scientific mind, I find that artistic expression is a very effective way to begin to understand some of the more complex cosmic concepts. I am currently deeply moved by the view of Earth from space, by the colours, textures and abstract art seen from orbit, and interested in the realignment of ego experienced by a person from that distance. 

For the astronauts who are able to experience this view, few are left unchanged by the fragility, beauty and isolation of our home world.  This powerful, grounding and humbling experience has come to be known as the Overview Effect.

I am inspired by the words of the late Astronomer, Carl Sagan. An excerpt from his book, “A Pale Blue Dot” plays in the gallery surrounded by textile art representing our world. In a challenge to myself, I have used approximately 95% local fibres from farmers around Fernie and into Alberta and have used only dyes extracted from plants. My hope is to plant the seeds of the Overview Effect in viewers.

      “We Are Planetary” explores the abundance of local fibres available to us in Fernie, combined with a sampling of colours extracted from the plants on planet Earth, creating abstract pieces inspired by images of Earth from space. This exhibition demonstrates both traditional and contemporary felting techniques along with embroidery, weaving and nature dyeing. Video displays accompany the work to portray the inspiration behind this series.


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    About Me

    I'm a beginner astronomer and textile artist working mainly in wool, stitch and hand dyed colour. Making sense of science in my own mind through art. I'm online primarily through Instagram


    Location:Fernie, British Columbia