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My heart swells when you see the faces of the people after looking through a solar telescope for the 1st time.
To mark the "Astronomy Week" and GAM - Global Astronomy Month from Astronomers Without Borders, American Corner Pristina kindly hosted Astronomy Club of Kosovo. Our representatives presented the activities, goals, ambitions, passion and opportunities, donations, and the latest about science and astronomy as well as its massive culture in the world.
We celebrated GAM with many activities such as workshops, astrophotography exposition, free handouts - magazines, promoting and publicizing AWB programs etc. We also distributed free solar glasses to all the participants who also had the chance to observe the sun in a protective filter method and h-alpha solar filter donated by Meade Instruments.

Astronomy Club of Kosovo
Astronomers Without Borders
GAM 18 - Pristina, Kosovo


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    From Pristina, Rep. of Kosovo. Ambassador, Astrophotography, Space Addicted, Stargazer. Passionate after Science & Astronomy. Official Representative of the program "Stars shine for everyone" and National Coordinator of AWB for Kosovo & Albania. President & Founder "Astronomy Club of Kosovo". Astronomy Club of Kosovo / Klubi i Astronomëve Amator të Kosovës (ALB), is made of a young group of people who love Astronomy and aim towards bringing the science of Astronomy and its beauty closer to the people of Kosovo, Albania and the region. The group initially came together as only lovers of astronomy, with simple tools that each member...


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