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The Peace Centre in Bethlehem hosted on the 4th of May, the first Astrophotography Exhibition in Palestine which continued until the evening of May 5th. The event was held in conjunction with launching of the Palestinian Astronomical Society in its grand opening as guided tours were conducted by members of the Society to spread awareness on the achieved activities and upcoming events.

The opening ceremony was attended by a variety of dignitaries and key figures such as Minister of Tourism Ms.Rola Ma'ayah, Bethlehem Governor Mr. Kamel Hameed , Director of Ministry of Culture Mr.Zuhair Eltmeizi and Director of Communications Mr. Issaq Sider.  

The photos in the gallery came in cultivation of talent massively presented in the collections and are the product of 5 years of work that had been captured under the sky of various locations in Palestine, such as The Dead Sea, Moon Hill and the dessert in the wild of Hebron.






In addition to the gallery, several types of telescopes were set up in the Nativity Square for all to see and experience. And as people went inside the Peace Centre, they could enjoy the photos, and school projects and robot prototypes assembled and designed by young and creative Palestinian students.

People of all ages and backgrounds enjoyed the galleries and telescopes observation information. Some were even as young as 10 months old!

Visitors who were eager to arrive at the exhibit or were merely passing by out of curiosity either stopped to talk with the organizers and photographers or made comments in the guests book as they left the gallery. Lea from the UK had this to say:

 A very inspiring exhibition and concept of inclusive education and sharing of life-changing experiences all in one place.


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  • Congratulations on the launching of the Palestinian Astronomical Society! And on hosting the the first Astrophotography Exhibition in Palestine.
    We at AWB are glad you're working towards peace and understanding through astronomy.
    Jessica, AWB Community Centre Manager✨
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