Aryabhatta Astronomy Club a Unit of Haldia Institute of Management is going to promote NASA Scientist For A Day Essay Contest in schools located in Rural Bengal. The main objective of this activity is to promote the events in which students from class 5 to class 12 have the opportunity to participate. Due to a lack of information, many enthusiastic students of the Rural Bengal do not get the opportunity to participate in such events. To fill in this gap the club will be trying to go to distant places in rural Bengal and promote the event.

The club has made a list of 70 schools that its members will be visiting. The Club members will interact with the Principal, Physics teacher and the students so that they get to know of the ongoing event and can participate in it. This is one of the several other activities that the club will do with the Schools to promote Astronomy and Astronomy related events. Aryabhatta Astronomy Club wants to make sure that any astronomy enthusiast of rural Bengal can get the maximum information on the activities that they can participate in.

Dr.Lakshman Chandra Seth, Chairman of the Club stated: " Young Kids are our future, so they should get as much information on the technological and scientific developments. This will shape their young minds to think and become research-oriented. Who knows maybe one of them could become a great scientist or astronaut one day."

Asish Lahiri, President of the club stated: " In our age od digitalization almost everything is available on net but there are some remote places where net accessibility is still an issue so it is the duty of the club to visit those places and give as much information on the latest development of Astronomy and allied subjects".

Dr.Manabendra Nath Bandyopadhyay, Member Advisor of the Club stated: " Knowledge should not have any limitation or boundary so everyone should get the opportunity to gather knowledge. The club is doing excellent work in reaching out to distant schools and promoting events".

Advocate Sudipton Seth, Vice Chairman of the Club stated: " It will be difficult for the club members as the 70 schools that they have shortlisted are in quiet remote areas and in few places cars do not go so they need to walk few miles to reach the schools. Still, I am happy to see the enthusiasm in the Club Members to go ahead."

Satakshi Chatterjee, Secretary of the Club stated: " Our members are ready to start the event from 10/02/2020 to 20/02/2020. The club members will promote the event and explain to them the rules. We hope good number of students will participate in the 70 schools that we are going to."

Subra Prakash Nayek, Joint Secretary of the Club S\stated: " We are eagerly waiting to see the essays and how they feel about the satellites of different planets. As we know this time the essay contest of NASA has some excellent satellites of  Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto".

Swatee Biswas, Treasurer of the Club stated: " This is just a start there are many such activities with the schools we will do throughout the year. "

Priyanka Adak, Joint Treasurer of the Club stated: " We are looking at stargazing event with the school kids also soon as we are trying to generate the funds for a Telescope ."

Report Compiled by,

Puja Tiwari,Jyoti Kumari Pandit & Somsukla Maity


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    Aryabhatta Astronomy Club is established by Haldia Institute Of Management. The main ideology of the Club is to reach Urban and Specially Rural Bengal with the Knowledge of Astrology. We try our level best to help kids in schools and colleges learn more about recent developments in the field of Astronomy. We conducted Webinars and other classes to spread knowledge of Astronomy. We arrange several activities throughout the year to keep students focus on this area.


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