The Great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn on 21 December 2020

 Visual Challenge

Long-awaited conjunction is now only a few days away. We know that on 21 December 20 the planets will be just 0.1 deg from each other. 

This will be a very special event. The planets will be so close to each other that it will be extremely difficult, if not completely impossible to see them separately with the naked eyes. For reference, Alcor and Mizar of Ursa Major, the Great Bear are separated by 12 minutes of arc or 0.2 deg. Sighting of Alcor and Mizar as two separate stars has been considered as a test for good eyesight.

The ability of human eyes (without any optical aid) is that one can see objects as close as 0.025 degrees apart or just about 5% the size of the Moon. But various physiological issues and age can deteriorate this ability.

So, therefore, it should be possible (or will it be) for people with good eyesight to see the planets separately.

Let us request people to take part in the survey.  

All one has to do is to look for the planets above the western horizon about 40 minutes after the sunset. If the sky is clear then it should be possible to see the planets well above the horizon.  Now one must check if he or she can see the planets separately and then click on the link below to fill the form 

<click here> for the google form or cut and paste this link in your browser.

Observations are to be made with the naked eye for the purpose of this exercise. One may start right from today and continue till 23 December.

One should fill the form every time he or she observes the planet.

Please do invite friends and groups to participate in the once in a lifetime exercise. 




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