At December 21st we have all witnessed the rare astronomical event – Great Conjunction of two giant planets - Jupiter and Saturn, which occurs in every 800 years. Georgia Astronomy Club - GAC encouraged its members to observe this remarkable happening and take pictures. Club administrator Lucas Khutiashvili provided live coverage of the Conjunction from his Celestron 127 STL telescope:

Peak of the event for Georgia has occurred right after the sunset from 06.20PM till the planets set beyond the horizon at 7.40PM. After that GAC has been broadcasting live from the Youtube of Virtual Telescope Project by Italian astronomer Gian Masi –

Before you proceed with photos, here are the links to the fascinating videos provided by Georgian professional astrophotographers:

1. Shermazana:

2. Davit Samkharadze:

3. Kakha Gogolashvili:

And here are the pictures provided by Georgian amateur (with couple of exceptions) astrophotographers. Enjoy!

Irakli Gedenidze

1. @Irakli Gedenidze, professional photographer, Tbilisi.


David Dvali

2. Davit Dvali, professional astrophotographer, single shot, Basaleti


Badri Kvachadze

3. Bardi Kvachadze, Canon Powershot SX60 HS, Tbilisi


beqa doghonadze galaxys10

4. Beqa Doghonadze, Galaxy S10, Rustavi



5. Giorgi Dartsimelia, Redmi Note 9, AI Quad Camera


Eliza Eliza

6. Eliza Eliza, Telescope “Dreammakers”. 170cmX60mm


Giorgi Kepuladze Iphone 11

7. Giorgi Kepuladze, Iphone 11


ilia ilia

8. Ilia Ilia, Redmi note 8, AI Quad Camera


Lika Sikharulidze

9. Lika Sikharulidze, Nikon Coolpix S4000 12 MP



10. Nato kirvalidze. Redmi Note 9, AI Quad Camera


nino qatamidze

11. Nino Qatamidze, Redmi Note 9S, AI Quad camera


otar tagviashvili Nikon D810 Sigma 150 600mm 600mm

12. Otar Tagviashvili, Nikon D810+Sigma 150-600mm


sandro tsagareli Xiaomi mi a2 Polaris 114EQ D

13. Sandro Tsagareli, Xiaomi mi a2 + Polaris 114EQ-D


Sara Mtskheta 2

14. Sara Slye, Mtskheta, Galaxy s10


Tako Davitashvili Iphone 11 pro

15. Tako Davitashvili, Iphone 11 pro


Irakli Dolidze

16. Irakli dolidze, Ialghuja Mountain near Rustavi. Canon 6D, Canon 24-105mm F/4.0 L IS USM II. Focal length - 70mm, ISO – 2000, Shutter Speed - 5 sec


Nini Shoki

17. Nini Shoki _ Collage


Kakha Gogolashvili

18. Kakha gogolashvili Nickon px 600


Revaz Kapanadze

19. Revaz Kapanadze, Astromaster70az, Huawei p20pro


Nodar Kudziev

20. Nodar Kudziev,  sony a6000 55-210 +crop


Giorgi Tordia

21. Giorgi Tordia, galaxy A71 8x


Avto Kavelashvili

22. Avto Kavelashvili, Phone: Google Pixel 2XL. Single shot


Avto Kavelashvili1

23. Avto Kavelashvili Weber 700/70 Az Refractor, ocular 9mm (77.5X), Phone: Google Pixel 2XL. Single shot


Lucas Khutiashvili

24. Lucas Khutiashvili, telescope Celestron 127 STL, camera -Canon EOS 750D


25. Merab J Basilaia, Pentax K-1 ,24 inch Cassegrain telescope ( 9150mm f/15 ), 260 frames shot with multiple exposures for stacking, 1/10 s exposures for Jupiter, 30s exposure for the moons of Saturn


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