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Sep 11

reality of space

i want to tell the world about space beacuse me n my team were researching on space sinse many years .. i have proof that we can only tell the reality of space please do spread my message to the nasa scientist Read More...

Sep 05

How Haggai Institute Has Influenced a Brazilian Astronomer

A Brazilian astronomer, Eduardo Baldaci de Lima, one of the only four astronomers recognized by the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), has described how God used his training in Haggai Institute to influence his life and ministry. Astronomer Eduardo Baldaci de Lima According to him, he left Haggai Institute with a broader understanding of the hope to which he had been called. “God wants to use me in totality for the extension of His Kingdom; not just my spiritual dimension but also my abilities and capabilities with which He Himself has gifted me,” he said. “God has placed His... Read More...

Sep 05

Mato Grosso´s Sidewalk Astronomer

Look Forward in this link

Apr 10

SPACE celebrated GAM at Jantar Mantar

SPACE celebrated GAM at Jantar Mantar, Delhi by organising public outreach programmes and taking readings at variuos instruments. Students from Delhi Public School, Dwarka and Our Lady of Fatima, Gurgaon took the readings of sun's position at Jantar Mantar. They also found the local noon by observing the shadow movement of samrat yantra and as the date was close to being at 0 min correction for the equation of time, it was a new experience for them to see that the local noon at delhi was at 12:22and if you do a correction for longitude, you arrive at 12'o clock.... Read More...

Feb 15

Global Astronomy Month: Your Ticket For a Great Adventure

Peggy's profile Global Astronomy Month is a kinder, gentler version of 100 Hours of Astronomy.  If weather was not favorable, the planned 100 Hour event would not usually have a back-up plan.  It would be a too-bad-so-sad situation.  A whole month dedicated to astronomy gives you some breathing room and the ability to come up with a “Plan B.”  Plus, it allows you to build momentum and a following at your weekly events that would lead up to the Astronomy Day activities with the Global Star Party in the evening! Astronomy Day, Saturday April 24, will be a great way... Read More...

Jan 18

Welcome to MyBlog!

Hello, Thank you for using MyBlog! , the premier blogging tool for the popular Content Management System - Joomla!. MyBlog! is a feature packed, AJAX enabled replacement for the Joomla! Blog component. Among the features currently implemented are: MyBlog! Dashboard Quick search and linking of previous posts while writing a blog entry Tags / Tagclouds Easy image upload and browsing using MyBlog!'s own image browser SEF friendly permanent links for each blog entry Single-click publishing/unpublishing AJAXed page view of my blog entries MyBlog! Admin Publishing/posting permissions 3rd party MyBlog! addons support similar to Mambots Jomcomment integration Moderate blogs, tags/categories MyBlog!... Read More...