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Member Reports from Jadwiga

May 16

astronomical observations of Sun and Night Sky, Jaslo, Poland

25 th April Pupils took part in the astronomical observations of sun - sunspot and prominences, and at the show the night sky (Jupiter, Venus, the Moon). People involved approx. 50 They also, participated in a photo competition "Earth and Sky" and sent the drawings to a competition organized group of ARISS Poland "We fly to the moon and back to Earth. Time is short, but you can join! " Students were involved to international project developed by NASA for schools - "MoonKAM Grail" We made animations showing “ Grail probe flying across the moon' based on images obtained from... Read More...

May 16

Contest of knowledge and art competition. Jaslo, Poland

17 th April 2012 As part of an international month of astronomy in our school was held a for students from junior high school and for students of 4 and 5 classes of primary school. Students of classes I – III of primary school attended art competition called "Cosmos". Approx. number of pupils involved: 40 Organizer: Zespol Szkol Miejskich Nr 3, Jaslo, Poland Read More...