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Member Reports from Octavian Georgescu

Jul 12

Venus-Jupiter conjunction on July 11

Parting away to be reunited again! Seems this month's story of two bright planets caught "on the road" (the photo from Greece remembered me their legend). Still without tripod, D3100/ 18-55 standard. Read More...

Jul 06

Following Venus and Jupiter

We got some hot days and hope for clear nights too and thus take pictures of the evolution of those two planets. Take a look at a new image, I will post reports till the end of the month, they will be still close enough! Read More...

Jul 04

Venus - Jupiter Conjunction despite cloudy evenings

Quickly, on the run, I managed to take some photos of the conjunction. Clouds covered the scene shortly after. We followed the two planets since February. Not even once our efforts matched the Sky setup but we are still satisfied. We are also pleased to see so many good pictures being taken all around the world! More pictures you can see on my fb account, Astrobotic Club. Read More...