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Member Reports from Arianna Ricchiuti

Apr 26

Global Star Party in Bisceglie (Apulia, Italy) 25/04/15

"We are surrounded by awful things. Everything seems to go wrong, but that's false. There's always somenthing we can do, especially as young people. It's up to us to change things." These are the words that have inspired me and they belong to a biologist I esteem a lot. But of course, nothing of this would have been possible without a great life mentor and astronomy teacher.  At first, I was afraid nobody would have come to the public observation of the Moon or that the weather would have been too cloudy. Nobody had done such a thing in my city... Read More...

Apr 13

Planetario Sky-Skan: first show

Yes, I did it! After so many months, I have finally held my own show at the Planetarium in Bari. I did two shows in the weekend. On Saturday I was really nervous as it was my first time, but fortunately everything went good. On Sunday the Planetarium was full of people! I was so excited but also selfconfident. This time I was more relaxed and comfortable. I gave my best. My task was to introduce the night sky talking about sunset, light pollution, the Milky Way, costellations, Polaris and Earth from space. My speech was followed by a short movie... Read More...

Apr 05

Solar Eclipse 20/03/15

This was the first time I held an astronomical event for real. I wento to a school near Bari to make teachers and students observe the sun through special sunglasses and  my telescope, and I made a little conference about stars, Sun and the way an Eclipse works.  This experience has been really rewarding because I realized people gladly listen to me while I am talking and I am able to involve both kids and adults. The students asked me lots of questions and someone said to me "Thanks". This is the most beautiful thing I can be told.  What a... Read More...