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Aug 03

Total Lunar Eclipse & Mars Opposition from Hyderabad,India

I have organised an event on the night of total Lunar eclipse and opposiotion of Mars which was registered event with AWB ( ) Highlights: > 30 Enthusiasts with different age groups from the city particpated > Event started at 11:30PM local time(IST) with the introduction to the phases of the Moon and planets > Discussed on the speciality of the Eclipse and what maked it longer this time > Discussed about the key positions of planets wrt Earth(Elongation, Opposition, Conjunction etc.) > Observed Moon and the planet Mars through telescope as moon was eclipsed (not optimal conditions due... Read More...

Apr 01

Celebrating Global Star Party(GSP) - 2017 @Gov't High School, India

I have started with spreading the awareness of Astronomy as a science and spoke about the Light pollution and importance of Dark sky conservation. Then educated about the Moon formation and evolution and the science behind the phases of the moon. Followed by Moon observation through Binoculars to show the craters, Maria and High lands. Later explained what actually shooting stars or meteors are! Finally ended with the basic understanding of the night sky and the use of stars for navigation and time tracking. Wrapped up with the exciting Q&A session. It was wonderful experience I should say. Its always... Read More...