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Member Reports from Fulla Jallad

May 08

Palestine’s First Astro-Photography Exhibition Held in Bethlehem

The Peace Centre in Bethlehem hosted on the 4 th of May, the first Astrophotography Exhibition in Palestine which continued until the evening of May 5 th . The event was held in conjunction with launching of the Palestinian Astronomical Society in its grand opening as guided tours were conducted by members of the Society to spread awareness on the achieved activities and upcoming events. The opening ceremony was attended by a variety of dignitaries and key figures such as Minister of Tourism Ms.Rola Ma'ayah, Bethlehem Governor Mr. Kamel Hameed , Director of Ministry of Culture Mr.Zuhair Eltmeizi and Director... Read More...

Jul 30

The Night We Observed The Longest Lunar Eclipse

As each year features at least two lunar eclipses, many of which are partial or penumbral where the moon grows slightly darker, the night of July the 27 th marked the longest total lunar eclipse in 83 years! This mesmerizing astronomical event coincides with the opposition of Mars reaching its closest approach to Earth since 2003. Luckily for the 250 participants, the Lunar Eclipse lasted 1 hour and 43 minutes and was best observed from the Middle East. The observation camp took place in Bethlehem on Moon Hill to ensure zero light pollution and clear gazing opportunities. Awad Hamad, a... Read More...

Jul 21

Palestine Holds the World's Largest Astrophotography Camp Near the Dead Sea

On Thursday, 12 July , photographers both Palestinians and internationals headed to the Dead Sea desert in order to take part in the World's Largest Astrophotography Camp Ever! The camp was organized by UNESCO Chair in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Sciences in addition to Pal Space and Fidae 4-Wheel Teams in Hebron, West Bank. 140 people 72 of whom were photographers arrived at location around 8:00 PM to start a journey of magical beam and take a total of thousands of photos of the Milky Way and stars constellations scattered across the clear night sky. A variety of activities gave... Read More...