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Member Reports from Astroclubul Bucuresti

May 27

Astroclubul Bucuresti participated at Astro Fest 2019 in Bucharest, Romania on May 25th 2019

The Bucharest Astroclub participated at the biggest annual Astronomy and Space Exploration Festival, Astrofest 2019, organized by the Science & Technology magazine. The event was held on Saturday, May 25, at ParkLake Shopping Center in Bucharest, Romania. The “star” of the festival was the 400mm Newtonian telescope, nicknamed "The Monster," but the audience also had access to the other equipment: the equatorial mount equiped with a Lunt telescope for solar observation in H apha, the 200mm telescopes, the 80mm refractor telescope on the equatorial mount. During the day we made observations to the Sun through the telescopes equipped with solar... Read More...

Dec 19

Pacman Nebula by Prof. Daniel Bertesteanu, Bucharest Astroclub, Romania

At 9,200 light years from us, in the Perseus arm of our Galaxy, there is NGC 281, an emission nebulae that can be seen in the direction of the constellation Cassiopeia. Due to the likeness of a character in some video games, it is also known as the Pacman Nebula. Inside, a group of young blue and super hot stars clusters are forming the open-swarm named IC 1590. The intense pressure and radiation ionizing the entire nebula, "sculpting" and spreading the gas and dust near it, to the periphery until to 40 light-years away, is forming radial columns and compact... Read More...

Dec 01

Supernova from M77, picture from Bucharest Astroclub, Romania on November 30th, 2018

47 million years ago, a giant star from the Messier 77 Galaxy in the direction of the constellation Cetus collapsed gravitationally. In a few seconds, it nucleus undergoes a cataclysmic implosion that raises it temperature to several billion degrees Kelvin and whose shock wave spreads to the outer layers of the star making it to explode. It's just a type II Supernova. The giant temperature and pressure generated by this explosion are large enough to produce heavier chemical elements such as gold and platinum inside the star. The supernovae are so bright that if it is placed at a distance... Read More...

Nov 24

Astroclubul Bucuresti finished Astronomy Workshop in Bucharest, Romania (21th November 2018)

Astroclubul Bucuresti recently finished an Astronomy Workshop consisting of 11 lectures/sessions, each featuring practical applications as well. The participants were introduced in the numerous aspects of amateur astronomy: learning the night sky, handling a telescope, learning how astronomical observations are done, taking their first steps in astrophotography, spectroscopy in astronomy, etc. The workshop ended on the 21st of November 2018 with a tour of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy in Bucharest. Also, each participant received a diploma for finishing the workshop. We are always eager to share our passion with other people and to continuously increase the ranks of... Read More...

Oct 26

Astroclubul Bucuresti at Astrofest 2018 in Targoviste, Romania

Astroclubul Bucuresti was invited to participate at the International Science Festival AstroFest October 2018, held in the city of Targoviste, Romania. The event was hosted by SARM (Romanian Astronomical Meteor Society), a dedicated amateur astronomer society, led by Valentin Grigore, its tireless and enthusiastic President. We had the honor and the pleasure of meeting the leadership of the Astronomers Without Borders organization, represented by AWB Founder and President Mike Simmons. We also met numerous other important personalities that participated in the event, coming from countries all around the globe, such as Canada, France, Austria, Australia, United Arab Emirates and the... Read More...

Sep 23

Astroclubul Bucuresti at Sci-Fi-Fest 2018 in Bucharest, Romania

Our association was invited to participate in the science themed festival "Sci+Fi FEST" in Bucharest, Romania. The festival took place at the Bucharest National Library on the 15th and 16th of September, 2018. Our members eagerly took the opportunity of bringing our wide range of telescopes to the people who attended the event. We also brought a piece of the Chelyabinsk meteorite which could be seen through a microscope. We are glad that we could share our passion and bring astronomy to the people of Bucharest. Read More...

Aug 30

Astronomy camp organized by Astroclubul Bucuresti at Naturhaus, Malinis, Brasov County, Romania

Astroclubul Bucuresti organized a successful astronomical expedition at a mountain retreat for the Perseid meteor shower event in August. The expedition took place between the 9 th and the 14 th of August in a low light pollution area, near the village of Malinis, in Brasov County, Romania. The participants, 18 members of our amateur astronomy association, engaged in visual meteor observations, deep-sky telescope observations, astrophotography, h-alpha solar observations and daytime recreational activities. The weather conditions were very good; we experienced 5 nights is a row with a clear night sky. The expedition was a success. Therefore, we plan on... Read More...

May 20

Astrofest 2018, Bucharest, Romania

Yesterday took place in Bucharest the biggest annual Science Festival organized by the oldest science journal from Romania called “Stiinta si Tehnica”. Our association, Astroclubul Bucuresti participated with many astronomical instruments for public, with two microscopes for meteorites examination. The weather was no so good but between the clouds we succeed to show to the public the Crescend Moon. We had a meeting with our astronaut Dumitru Dorin Prunariu which spend in space more than 7 days on Soyuz 40 and on Saliut 6 space station, back in 1981. Also we made small eclipse demonstration for children using a Planetarium... Read More...

Apr 22

Astronomy Day in Romania by Astroclubul Bucuresti

Last night a group of 15 members of Astroclubul Bucuresti (Romania) made observations out of the town using 11-12 astronomical instruments. In attachment you can see a part of this group. Read More...

Apr 16

Educational visit at Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy

Today April 16 th , 2018 Astroclubul Bucuresti, Romania organized an educational visit of 30 children at the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy. After a tour of the main instruments of the Institute the children attended a presentation of night constellations and a practical experiment to see how spectroscopy is applied in astronomy. Read More...

Apr 16

Astronomical Observations in Romania (Comana)

On the 14 th of April 2018, some members of Astroclubul Bucuresti, Romania spent one night under the stars in Comana, Giurgiu County, Romania. Participans: Cristian Stancu, Daniel Bertesteanu, Ioan Tudor, Andreea Timpea and Adrian Voinic . The sky was covered around 25-30% with high altitude clouds. Temperature was 8-9 degrees Celsius and there was much humidity in the air, so we had to use heaters to remove condensed water from the mirrors and lenses. We observed Jupiter alongside with its biggest four natural satellites and Saturn and Mars after 02:00 AM (GMT + 3). We also made observations of... Read More...

Apr 13

Astronomy Presentation by Astroclubul Bucuresti at Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy

On the 27 th of March 2018, at the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy, Astroclubul Bucuresti (Bucharest Astroclub) organized a guided tour, an astronomy presentation and solar observations for a group of 30 children from a school in Bucharest, Romania. The guided tour of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy was done by its representative, Sorin Marin. The astronomical presentation and solar observations were conducted by members of Astroclubul Bucuresti (Bucharest Astroclub), prof. Daniel Bertesteanu and Marian Naiman. The presentation consisted of a journey through the Universe, using an astronomy software. The children were also shown the constellations in the... Read More...