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Member Reports from LI, Chunyu

Apr 27

Annual Primary School Astronomy Competition in Beijing, China

Mid April ~ May, 2018/Beijing, China HaoMiao Astronomy Club holds an Astronomy Competition for their school students each year. It can help management to know how was their astronomy education development in this school year. While it also is the way for picking up all capable real astronomy lovers among overall school student. The one who passed 3-rounds contest can be the new member of HaoMiao Astronomy club. The Astronomy Competition of 2018 named Scorpio Cup. Comparing with 2017, the preliminary contest this time was opened to all astrophile from 20:00 to 22:00 on 13 April 2018 by scanning QR... Read More...

Apr 27

Messier Marathon Astronomy Activity

April 14, 2018/Beijing, China/ Reported by Sharon XIAO Haiying HaoMiao Astronomy Club hosted a Messier Marathon Astronomy Activity during the 3rd weekend of April for their members. Total 35 participants have been involved in this function from the beginning to the end, they were club members (primary school students), their families & their leading teachers. Before the function commence, all members were trained by both of DC shooting skill and astronomy basic theories like what was the nebula, galaxy, and Messier Objects (MO) etc. as part of preparation. The observation place was located 80km away from the CBD of Beijing... Read More...