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Member Reports from Roger Hambleton

Sep 15

A Meeting with the Planets

On August 31 st 2018, Astronomers Without Borders UAE organized a “Meeting with the Planets” for residents of the Mira Community in Dubai. The event was free and attracted over 70 participants (with a split of roughly 60% children vs. 40% adult participants). The event started promptly at 7pm, and the last guests left at midnight. Apart from general encouragement of participation to learn about Astronomy, this meeting was unique in that we reached out to people who own telescopes, but had not used them (for various reasons). The specific goals were as follows: Popularize the hobby of astronomy via... Read More...

Jul 30

Mars Opposition & Lunar Eclipse from Dubai, UAE

The photo above is from the Astronomers Without Borders UAE & UAE Astronomy Group joint Lunar Eclipse & Mars Opposition event held in Dubai on July 27th/28th 2018. The event was public, and totally free of charge with the explicit goal of using the Lunar Eclipse to introduce people to the wonderful world of amateur astronomy. The event started promptly at 7pm, and the last guests left at roughly 3:30am. Approximately 120 people in total took advantage of the event which included: 1. Telescope & binocular observations of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars (at a dusty opposition), the Moon (including a... Read More...

Jun 24

Public Star Party

I hosted a star party for the public on June 1st, 2018 for people in my community in Dubai, UAE. Like with any public event in Dubai, it was very diverse, and roughly 30 people showed up! Since we're in the city, we focused on planetary & lunar observations. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars (coming up late) were more than enough to make people say "WOW!". Being Ramadan, the event started later in the evening (10pm), most people stayed about 30 minutes or so to observe Jupiter, Saturn, The Moon, and some brighter stars (like Arcturus, Antares, and Vega) - we... Read More...