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Member Reports from Jerelyn Ramirez

Aug 06

Viewing Mars at the Winfield Winery

We had 6 club members and 6 telescopes available for 46 visitors to view all the naked eye planets including Mars. What a plesent surprise, they were expecting 14 guests and 46 showed up. We made available for the guests an outreach program to get them excited about what we were going to show them. We helped them understand where the planets are and what planets can be seen this night. We also explored the movements of the planets, when closer to the Sun the inner planets travel faster than the outer planets. We shared with them why we can't... Read More...

Jul 29

Opposition of Mars

Even with the threat of storms in the forecast, we headed out to our observing site. The clouds stayed away so we could share with the public all the visible planets. The star of the show was using the NexYZ so the public can take photos with their cell phones. It was a pretty good turnout. A neighboring astronomy club member came by to help out. It was nice to have the extra telescopes on hand for the public. Read More...

Jul 22

Astro Fest 2018

This was a great event out at the Lake Afton Public Observatory. There had to be around 500 guests. We had lots of activities set up for the visitors to do. The the Star Wars storm troopers came by. We had lots of telescopes available for the public during the day and after dark. Captured a guest using the NexYZ to take a photo of the Moon. Read More...

Jul 03

Opposition of Saturn

We started off viewing Venus, then Jupiter. We went to the Moon then finally Saturn. I explained the best time to view the Moon when it isn't so full with my pan of flour. We made some craters and shined the flashlight at different angles to show how the shadows and light can make the surface more interesting. We also went over why we can't see the flag on the Moon, and why we only see one side of the Moon. The demos really helped them understand their questions. It was so cool I had a prop for almost every... Read More...