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Member Reports from Exodus CL Sit

Oct 11

Unusual celebrations for "International Observe the Moon Night" and "World Space Week"

I was honorably interviewed by TVB informative program as special guest (the largest television broadcast in HK). Mostly I shared my sharing my adventurous experiences for astronomical observation and promoted the importance of popular science . More importantly, this year is the #MoonLanding50. I also introduced some of knowledge about Apollo mission, and technique for Lunar Photography. And also my precious opportunities to meet with Apollo 15 Astronaut at the California, U.S.A. With the previous television interview about “Lunar Observation” last month (Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival) , I shared about the lunar features (e.g. craters, Maria) and how we can capture... Read More...

May 16

"1-minute Astronomy" Vlog Channel (Chinese Version)

" 1-minute Astronomy " series (「天文一分鐘」短片) aims to promote Popular Scienceby sharing astrophotography and basis of Astronomy. As the Producer and Host of the channel, I hope to share this knowledge in a funny way. " ASTROMAN " ( 天文仁 ), as a symbolic character, is uniquely involved in explanating theories and astronomicla phenomenon. Thankfully, from the past 3 months, the channel had sparked heat debates in Hong Kong and nearby countries, and was accumulatively reached 50,000 views on social media. It was an encouraging starting point, and hopefully, in the future, this production can be cooperated in overseas, translating... Read More...

May 16

Seminar: "The Arts and Science of Aurora"

The seminar of "The Arts and Science of Aurora" was successfully held on 26 April 2019 at Hong Kong Space Museum , organized by the Aurora Association . It aimed to promote the Popular Science and Conservation of Arctic Circle by multi-media, such as music, painting and astronomy. Honorably invited as one of the Guest Speaker, it was precious to deliver a lecture about " Explorations of Aurora on Other Planets ". Read More...