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Welcome to the South Canterbury Astronomers Group based in South Canterbury New Zealand.
We cater for  people interested in all aspects of Astronomy,  with  a wide range of ages and a wide range of abilities and interests. The group was founded in 2009.

S.C.A.G is a newly formed Astronomers group, for beginners and experienced people, we have a monthly meeting with varied topics, and at least one observing session once a month.
Membership comes from a diverse range of age groups and occupations, with emphasis being on the enjoyment of looking at the cosmos. We aim to get people actively involved with learning and taking part in astronomy through a fun, social and enthusiastic atmosphere. We encourage the attendance of activities and monthly star parties, and with the help of members we sometimes hold public events and educational events for the public.

We are a helpful and friendly crowd, and we welcome all who are interested in astronomy.

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