Astronomy and Space Exploration Society

About Us

The Astronomy & Space Exploration Society (ASX) is a non-profit organization run by the University of Toronto space community. ASX’s purpose is to educate, excite, and inspire students, professionals, and general public about astronomy and space.  Since its inception in 2003, ASX has grown to over 1800 members, and has organized and hosted 10 or more events per year, attracting 1500-2000 event attendees each year. ASX’s signature event is the annual ‘Expanding Canada’s Frontiers’ Symposium, which has attracted an audience of up to 1400 people in a single event. Other events include the “Faces of Space” Lecture Series, Panel Discussions, Space Exploration Showcase, and Observing Nights. Topics of discussion have covered various facets of space, such as ‘Mars and Beyond’, ‘The Search for Life’, ‘Cosmology from the Stratosphere’, and ‘Space Business’.


Location:Ontario, M5S 1J6

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