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SXT 94 is the designation of Rex I. De Silva's small astronomical observing station at Dampe, Sri Lanka. In 2008 a small group, consisting primarily of users of minor instruments (binoculars, terrestrial telescopes, spotting scopes etc.), was established under the aegis of the station to support and encourage "hands-on" astronomical observation.

Members communicate through e-mail. Additionally e-mail "NOTES FROM SXT 94" are published several times per year.

Past activities include astrophotography, timing of Lunar Occultations, estimates of variable stars, solar observation - including determination of the daily Wolf Sunspot Number, observation of lunar and solar eclipses, comets, the study of meteors, meteor showers, meteorites, transits of Mercury and Venus etc.

From time-to-time SXT 94 publishes articles on various aspects of astronomy as pdf files.



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