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Amateur Astrophotography Ezine is the only FREE, totally dedicated to Amateur Astrophotography publication in circulation today. The ezine has gown from strength to stength, only receiving 8000 views with it's first '23 page taster edition, to now, only in it's 5th issue receiving well over 230,000 views world wide each month.

As I produce this ezine (and a twice yearly Astro Photo Event) alone, I am in total control of it's content and as a total novice to astrophotography (9 months only), I have already learnt so much in such a short amount of time.

The ezine started out being a bi-monthly publication, but as it has grown inpopularity, it is now a monthly publication, which contains readers images, wide field images, reviews, readers astro kit, tutorials and adverts kept to a minimum, so the reader gets a monthly publication full of useful content, be the reader, a  total novice (as I am) amateur astrophotographer or an more experieced astrophotographer, I try to keep a happy medium for te ezines readers.

Although advertisement is low to keep the pages open for education, it really is much more of a great help towards my learning curve of astrophotography, but also a labour of love. 


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