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The main aim of the 2014 founded Interest Group Astronomy and Space is to bring the topics Astronomy and Space closer to interested persons, Kindergardens, Schools and the general public.  

These aims are implemented by numerous activities and events. During these activities and events we want to promote the interest and understanding for these topics and we want to give interested persons the chance to take an active part. 

Also we offer our informative Website and a quaterly Newsletter (in german) to all interested persons.

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Jul 04

Part of the Milky Way

Part of the Milky Way seen from Gscheid . This is a place in the foothills near Mariazell in Austria . The picture was taken with a Canon EOS 1200D...

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Apr 30

Sun and Spring Forest

On Saturday, April 16, we conducted together with the Association „Die Spur“, the event "Sun and Spring Forest" for children in the age from 6 - 10 years in Vienna....

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Nov 16

The Moon in Vienna

The Moon in Vienna today evening. This picture was made with a Skywatcher 150/750 telescope and a Canon EOS 1200D camera.

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Nov 14

The Moon and the Orion

An extraordinary picture from the Moon and the Orion in the Vienna nightsky, picture was made on the 3rd of October 2015 in the north of Vienna. This picture was...

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