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PROYECTO S.A.V.I.N.A. its a foundation that seeks to qualify children of scanty resources, victimize of the violence in Colombia South America, in order that they develop his capacities inside the areas of mathematics, physics and astronomy. We look for our intention for donations and contributions of privated entities in Colombia and in other countries that support us in constructing a Headquarters adapted for the scientific investigation research and training of young promises found during our labor. Our mission is to give opportunities of development to these children so much professionally as personnel, to open the vision them towards new options of life, which find in our foundation doors opened to go out of the underworld in which they live nowadays. Hereby we will achieve to deal a seedbed of big talents that could contribute in a future his knowledge and capacities and this way reward to the society the support that they have obtained.


Location:Bogotá D.C., ------------------------
Phone:571 4528027

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