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About Us

The Mehbang Groupe of Astronomy is an astronomy group at the south east I.R. IRAN , Sista-Baluchestan province, city of  Zahedan, We are almost 10 years doing and performing our tasks as an amateur astronomy group.  We have more than 330 joint members.  Some of our activities during this past 10 years include:  Performing courses of lecturing astronomy in  different topics,   Participating in Space Week  with the Iranian Space Organization,  Participating in Yuri Night every year at the 12th of April, and the Sundial Celebration at the Day of Summer Revolution.  We also gather at the Iranian Amateur Astronomers, Messihe marathon with observation programs, moon observation, seminars, workshops and astrolabe programming .   We believe that the sky belongs to all.  We need the help of each other, we cannot live alone, The earth is our only planet for living. We hope the problems around us will not stop us from looking to the beautiful sky at above our head.



Location:ZAHEDAN, 9816884987
United States of America (the)

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