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The Young Science Association of Tunisia ( AJST ) is a Tunisian association has set targets for the popularization of science , the dissemination of scientific culture among young people and the organization of various scientific camps.

Youth Movement Science Tunisia was born in 1959 the idea of ??a group of intellectuals who notes the lack of scientific and technological activities in associations and structured organizations, like sports , culture and literature .
Thus this group , wanting to fill this gap creates a science club open to young and old alike with equipment allowing them to unlock the secrets of science and develop their knowledge in handling their own devices , the tools and components.

- Objectives:
Encourage young people to engage in scientific and technological activities in their free time
Give them a taste of scientific research, development and technological invention and arouse in them vocations in these areas
Work for a scientific and technological culture among the general public

-Other activities

Launch of laboratories for youth clubs
Training courses Animation scientific and technical extracurricular activities
Study days , seminars, etc. . on scientific and technical issues of current
Science Expo
science competitions
Operation " open to the general public clubs "
Organization of the Night of the Stars (similar to the French event)

Affiliated with the U . T.O.J. (Tunisian Union of Youth Organizations ) since 1976.
Founder of CIC (International Coordinating Committee for the introduction to science and the development of extra-curricular science activities ) member NGOs accredited by UNESCO.
Since November 1967, the AJST who took over the Movement of Young Science Tunisia
Founding member of the UACSJ ( Arab Union of Clubs for Young Scientists ) ; since October 1979.
Founding member of MILSET (International Movement Recreation Scientific and Technical ) , since July 1987.
Member of the International fédératoin Petits Débrouillards .



Location:Majaz Al Bab, Beja, 9070
Phone:(+216) 22 723 823

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