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Akashmitra is an amateur astronomers association in the city of Pune (India) from the year 2002. Our group comprises of amateurs astronomers from different parts of the city who meet every weekend at the National Institute of Ophthalmology (NIO) in Pune.

We have been involved in large number of activities such as Spectroscopy, Photometry, Variable Star Observations, Timing Lunar as well as Asteroid occultations and Astrophotography. We have had a few members in the past who are now pursuing their PHD's in Astrophysics.

Akashmitra regularly conducts sky gazing programs for people at a location about 25 km away from Pune called Pirangut. We conduct these program close to New Moon and usually have 40 - 50 people per event. Along with that, we also go to various residential societies in the city and show people the Moon, planets like Jupiter and Venus and a few constellations visible from the city skies. We also take telescope making workshops for school students.

Akashmitra would like to join hands with AWB and help you spread Astronomy in the city of Pune in India and do as much as we can for Astronomy popularization.

Our official Facebook page is www.facebook.com/akashmitra.pune

Our official website is www.akashmitra.wordpress.com

"Akash" means Sky and "Mitra" means Friends in our local language, Marathi.



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Apr 15

Sherlock Astronomy

As a part of Global Astronomy Month, Akashmitra has announced its "Sherlock Astronomy" lecture series. This lecture series is aimed at decoding scientific information from an astrophotograph or a solar...

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Apr 13

Public Star Party on 11/12th April, 2015

Introduction: As a part of Global Astronomy Month, 2015, Akashmitra organized a public star party at Pirangut (25 km from the city of Pune) on 11 th /12 th April,...

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Location:c/o National Institute of Ophthalmology,1187/30, Off. Ghole Road, Pune, Maharashtra, 411005
Email:Dhruv Paranjpye
Phone:+91 7875947669

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