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Foundation of Astronomical Studies and Exploration is a volunteer organization for advancement and popularization of astronomy in Sri Lanka. This is an organization which is mainly consists of youth, who have actively participated in school based astronomical societies during their school life. But it should be noted that doors are wide open to folks of all ages to engage in our activities. This is the first community organization based Central Province which is dedicated for astronomical studies and exploration. Everyone who are interested in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Science and allied sciences and find it difficult to fulfill the thirst of knowledge of deep cosmos, are warmly welcome to our community. Join with us, and walk among stars!

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Jan 16

FASE Astronomical Workshop – North Central Province

The fourth FASE provincial astronomical workshop program was held for North Central province on 14th of December 2015 at Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. The mission...

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Oct 03

FASE Astronomical Workshop and Sky Observation program – Southern Province

FASE provincial astronomical workshop program was initiated from southern province on 23rd of September 2015 at Kirama Dhammananda School, Hambanthota. The mission of this program is to boost the number...

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Jun 16

FASE Water Rocket Challenge

On June 5th Foundation of Astronomical studies and Exploration (FASE) conducted Workshop on Water rocket building at Maliyadeva College Kurunagala, Sri Lanka with collaboration of National Institute of Fundamental studies...

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Apr 08

FASE Lunar eclipse Observation session

Foundation of Astronomical Studies & Exploration organised an observation session for April 4th Lunar eclipse at Kandy, Sri Lanka. Due to the Hunnasgiriya and Knuckles mountain ranges at horizon we...

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