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Hacettepe University Astronomical Society (HUAST) based in Hacettepe University was founded in 2014 by students in different academic fields who are interested in science. Since its foundation, it is one of the biggest Societies of Hacettepe University which reached 280 active members and more than 1500 participants in 1,5 years.

The vision of HUAST is to gather all of the astronomy and aeronautics enthusiasts under a single roof, to share scientific and true sources efficiently, to produce projects about all of the fields of astronomy but particularly about aeronautics and space, to create a dynamic education environment, to contribute Turkish Space Studies as far as possible and realize it with a large number of participants and to be a society which is an expert on this field.

HUAST pledges itself to develop and support studies in this field being in cooperation with astronomy, aeronautics, space enthusiasts and relevant institutions, to organize seminars and conferences regularly to inform our members and our community, to gather our members, relevant people and institutions under a single roof, to bring together and share true and scientific information’s about astronomy through society services, to provide a dynamic sharing environment with the help of national and international projects and collaborations and to organize social events on behalf of our members.

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May 31


To a world without restraints! At April 28th 2017, Engelsiz Hacettepe Club hosted an event called Engelsiz Festival 2. The festival was supported by various foundations such as SERÇEV, ÇENGEL...

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Apr 13

Yuri's Night 2017

12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin, with his spacecraft Vostok, completed an orbit of the Earth. Our events purpose was to celebrate this days anniversary. We made presentations about, astronomy, beginning...

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Nov 15

HUAST Super Moon Sighting

On november 14, we - as Hacettepe University Astronomical Society - had the opportunity to observe the biggest and the brightest super full moon since 1948. The Super Moon event...

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Sep 03


12-13-14 August 2016 As many astronomy societies did, we, Hacettepe Astronomy Society, have attended the festival held in Olimpos/Antalya with the collaboration of Kozmik Anafor, Bilimfili and Evrim Agacı. This...

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